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Read through this section to find out detailed answers to some of the most common problems our site’s users have. We recommend referring to this section before you submit your loan request.

What is a payday loan?
A payday loan is a short-term unsecured personal loan. You don’t have to offer collateral as security. Typical amounts range between $100 and $1,000. Payday loans are so called because the borrower usually has to repay the loan when he or she receives the next paycheck. Today, they are typically repaid on a date the borrower and the lender agree upon. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your next pay day. Unlike many other types of loans, payday loans are easier to obtain. Therefore, they have become popular over time among people who need cash in a hurry.

How do I receive a payday loan using this website?
This website is not a direct lender. That means we are not the ones providing you the loans. We are simply facilitators. We will only try to connect you with professional payday lenders. To get your loan, submit the online form. We will forward this form to lenders who will review your information and decide whether to give you a loan. Requesting a loan through our website in this manner will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to drive around looking for payday lenders or wait in line for hours.

Do I have to pay to use this site?
No. We do not charge users membership fees or any other types of fees. Our website is completely free to use.

What are the eligibility requirements for a payday loan?
You can receive a payday loan as long as you meet the basic requirements for obtaining a loan in the United States. You can see the basic list of requirements in the How It Works section. You don’t need a particular credit score or a rating to obtain a payday loan. But keep in mind that individual lenders may have their own personal standards.

What do I do if my loan request is turned down?
Of course, it’s up to the lenders to decide to give you a loan. In case your loan request is turned down, which is rare, you can submit a new loan request form. We recommend that you ask the lender the reasons for turning down your loan. Then you can see for yourself where your loan request may have gone wrong and not make the same mistakes on the second form.

I have bad credit. Can I still apply for a payday loan?
There are no credit requirements for receiving a payday loan. You are welcome to submit a request even if you have bad credit. Some lenders provide payday loans even for borrowers with bad credit. However, you must carefully consider whether you will be able to repay the loan in full. Do not take out a loan if you are somehow unable to pay it back.

Do I have to submit a credit report?
Not necessarily. Some lenders may request a copy of a credit report, but not all the time. All lenders do run a credit check on you. It’s inevitable. Refer to the question above regarding bad credit.

How big a loan can I request?
The maximum amount you can borrow with a payday loan is limited to $1,000. You can request any amount between $100 and $1,000. Remember that the amount you have to repay will be bigger than the amount you borrow because of interest and service charges.

How soon can I receive my payday funds?
The form you submit will be processed immediately. It typically takes less than 3 minutes for lenders to review your form. Once you receive approval from a lender for your loan, you can get your payday funds within a single business day normally. Funds deposit can be delayed because of weekends or bank holidays.

How much will a loan cost me?
It will depend on the amount you borrow and the interest rate and service fees the lender charges. The rates and fees vary between lenders. When you take out a payday loan, you will receive a loan contract. This loan contract will have all the necessary details regarding how much you have to pay back. Make sure you can repay this full amount before you sign the loan contract.

I was approved for a loan, but I don’t want it anymore. What do I do now?
If your loan request was successful, your prospective lender will send you a loan contract to sign. Read through this loan contract and decide if you really want the loan. If you don’t like the terms and conditions the lender sets, you can reject the offer. However, if you sign the loan contract, you are obliged to repay the loan. Therefore, we urge you to think very carefully before signing the loan contract. Do not impulsively sign a legally-binding document.

How many payday loans can I receive through this website?
You can submit a single payday loan request at a time. You can subsequently submit as many loan requests as you like. However, do not take out loans for the convenience of it. We facilitate loans for borrowers in emergency situations. Remember that you will have to repay all the loans you borrow. If you don’t, you could get sued.

What can I use my payday loan funds for?
There are no restrictions on how you can spend your payday loan funds. You can use your funds to pay an emergency medical bill, fix the roof in a hurry in winter, or get your car repaired without delay so you can get to work. We recommend taking out payday loans for similar emergency situations. It’s expected that you exercise good judgment in how you use your payday loan funds. Spend your payday funds wisely.

Can I choose to not repay the loan?
No. If you have signed a loan contract, you must repay the loan as the contract dictates. If you want more time, you can refer to the contract and request a loan extension from your lender. Ultimately, you will have to pay back the borrowed amount in full. If there’s even the slightest doubt on your part regarding your ability to repay the loan, we strongly suggest that you don’t take out the loan at all. Not repaying payday loans can result in lawsuits, collection calls, and bad credit ratings.

How do I know if this site is safe?
We use state-of-the-art encryption protocols and security tools to ensure that your personal information is kept extremely safe. We do not share your information with any third-party other than the lender. This website is secured by malware protection software to minimize the risk of hacking and data theft. You can be assured of your privacy when you use this website.