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Loans for People with No Credit

loans for people with no creditIf you’re searching for loans for people with no credit, you may be in luck.

While having no credit history can be a hindrance because lenders want to know if you are a responsible borrower, the lenders in our network will not automatically reject your application if you’re new to borrowing or have a poor credit history.

First time and regular borrowers could borrow between $100 and $1,000, and could see the cash in their account within one working day!

Let’s take a closer look…

Get breathing room until payday with payday loans

If you’ve gone over your budget, are facing an unexpected bill or need to make a purchase, but you don’t get paid for another couple of weeks – payday loans can give you that much-needed breathing room.

Unlike other personal loans that are repaid over several months in installments, payday loans are repaid in full in one lump sum, on or just after your next payday (usually no more than 4 weeks later).

What’s more, even those without much of a credit history or a low credit score are eligible to use our loan request form and apply with a lender if matched.

There’s also no co-signer required!

Why is it possible to get a loan with no credit?

Your credit report monitors all of your current and past credit accounts (loans, credit cards etc), and your payment history to those accounts, giving lenders and insight into your borrowing habits when they run a credit check.

Lending is all about managing risk. Large lenders like banks take a blanket approach and tend to automatically reject people with no credit history or a low credit rating, in fear you won’t pay them back. They also focus on lending larger amounts over longer periods, which makes it riskier to lend in the first place.

Payday lenders reduce risk by offering relatively small amounts between $100 and $1,000, over the short term.

While we cannot promise there will be no credit check, the lenders in our network will take in to account other factors like your income level before making a final decision, thus you stand a fair chance of getting approved.

No other eligibility hoops to jump through

Some lenders have a long list of eligibility requirements before even considering your credit history. At ElcLoans there are only three main things to consider:

1) Are you over the age of 18? Lenders cannot lend to minors. 2) Are you a US resident with a fixed address? Lenders can only lend under US law. 3) Do you have a regular and stable income that can be verified? Lenders need to know you can pay the loan back.

Thought there was more to it? Think again!

The benefits don’t end there…

Easy way to build your credit history

If you’re a young person with little or no credit history, because you haven’t borrowed in the past, or you have borrowed in the past but developed a bad credit history – our service provides a fast and efficient way of building a positive credit history.

Within just a month or so your credit report will have logged that you successfully applied and obtained a loan and repaid it in full with no problem.

Save time by reaching many lenders with one online form

At GshLoans we’ve made the process of getting a loan much less stressful and easier than applying with the bank or a storefront lender.

Firstly everything can be completed online from the comfort of your own couch. As long as you have a device that can load our loan request form, you don’t have to make any phone calls or in-person visits. You also don’t have to fill out any physical paperwork!

Secondly, instead of wasting time applying with the lender after lender individually, we tap you into a network of over a hundred lenders using just one single form.

Just select the amount you desire, provide your contact details and income status, and we’ll attempt to match you with a suitable lender in a matter of minutes. If matched you will then be transferred to their page, where you might have to provide a bit more information before they automatically assess your application.

Good News: You will know onscreen if the direct lender has approved your application and what they are willing to offer, and you’ll be given a copy of the terms and conditions so you know exactly how much you will need to repay and when.

If you accept the offer you could see the cash in your account the very next morning if you applied during the working week!

The repayment is taken automatically from your designated bank account on the agreed upon date, saving you the hassle of writing a check or doing a manual transfer.

So, now you know how to get a personal loan with no credit check and no cosigner!

Get your loan for people with no credit today!

If you need to borrow a relatively small amount quickly and have no credit history or poor credit, then finding a payday loan offer through ElcLoans may just be the solution for you!

Tap into a network of over 100 lenders with one simple web form and see the cash in your account within 24 hours if approved.

Get started now and the entire process can be completed online!