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Direct Deposit Loans

direct deposit loansEveryone faces financial emergencies from time to time, but when they come unexpectedly how can you get money into your account in time to avert disaster?

One solution that can easily be found online is a direct deposit loan. No banks and no paperwork in most cases, just cash – in as fast as one working day!

By using our simple loan request tool, you could connect with one of over 100 direct lenders in minutes, each offering direct deposit payday loans from $100 to $1,000.

What Are Direct Deposit Loans?

Direct deposit loans are loans that are transferred directly to your bank after you have signed the agreement online – no waiting around for paperwork or to cash checks.

The lenders in our network provide direct deposit payday loans, that you should see in your account within just one working day!

Note: A payday loan is a short-term commitment designed to tide you over until you next get paid. Therefore, repayment is made in full within 30 days, depending on the date agreed. Repayment is taken automatically from the same account as the deposit.

Payday loans are an ideal solution for those that don’t have access to a credit card but need to quickly borrow a small amount to cover temporary financial hiccups. What’s more, borrowers with bad credit are not automatically rejected based on their credit score, so if you have been turned down elsewhere, you could still have luck with us.

You could borrow between $100 and $1,000, with no restriction on how the cash can be spent. However, we advise not to use it to refinance existing debt because of the short repayment date.

So, if you need cash fast, use our tool today – we could connect you to a lender in under 3 minutes!

How Quickly Can I Get a Direct Deposit Loan?

– Get connected for direct deposit loans in minutes.

– Receive a direct deposit loan same day decision from lenders.

We understand that when you’re faced with a financial emergency the last thing you want to do is spend hours or even days applying for loans and filling out paperwork. That’s why we designed our online system to be fast, easy, and efficient.

After completing our single web form and choosing a loan amount we could connect you with one of over 100 lenders in under 3 minutes.

If connected, you will be directed to the lender’s application page where it should only take a few more minutes to complete the process. Even if you’re required to provide added documentation, you should know if you have been formally approved within 1 hour!

Then it just depends on the speed of the banks – most people see the cash in their account the very next day during the working week.

So, if you’ve been searching for instant direct deposit loans, this is one of the fastest solutions on the web.

You are, however, required to have a verifiable source of income to measure your ability to repay the loan.

Are Direct Deposit Loans Unsecured?

Yes, direct deposit loans are typically unsecured personal loans, which simply means you do not have to pledge any form of collateral. For example, you won’t lose your house or another valuable item if you fail to make the repayment.

You are, however, required to have a verifiable source of income to measure your ability to repay the loan.

Are There Direct Deposit Loans for Bad Credit?

If you’ve struggled with loans in the past and have bad credit, or have a poor score for other reasons, you will not necessarily be rejected by our lenders.

They realize that everyone needs cash at some point and will not automatically decline you without taking in to account other factors like your employment status and income.

Payday loans come in small amounts between $100 and $1,000 and are repaid on or just after your next payday, so do not carry the same risks for lenders that large long-term loans do. Users with bad poor credit often secure reasonable amounts via our service.

Warning: Websites claiming to offer guaranteed loans without performing a credit check are either misleading you or cutting corners. The lenders in our network will usually carry out some form of credit check after you submit your application, but this does not mean you will be barred from borrowing.

The good news is that if you repay your loan on the agreed date, this will be positively reflected on your credit report. Because payday loans are repaid within 30 days, this is a quick way to rebuild your credit!

Do You Offer Direct Deposit Installment Loans?

No, the lenders in our network currently only offer payday loans by direct deposit.

An installment loan is typically a larger personal loan that is repaid over a long period of time. Repayments are made monthly in equal installments.

Direct deposit payday loans are designed for short-term financial hiccups, such as budgetary oversights or unexpected bills.

How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit for Loans?

Loans are issued and repaid automatically via your chosen account!

When you start the application process you will be asked to provide the details of a bank account in your name, which should have basic checking functions. Once you sign the loan agreement, this will create an agreement between your bank and the lender for a direct deposit and the funds will be deposited within one working day.

The agreement will also allow the lender to automatically take the repayment (including whatever finance charge applies) on the agreed date.

Because payday loans are repaid in full, in one lump sum, you do not need to create a recurring standing order, though the agreement does allow the lender to attempt to take payments in the future if you do not have the funds available on the repayment date.

You are required to have a bank account to use our service to ensure the deposit and repayment process can be done quickly and efficiently. Using another method would mean a much longer wait for your funds.

How Do I Repay Loans by Direct Deposit?

After you have digitally signed for a loan you do not have to do anything else to initiate the direct deposit process. The lender has already been granted permission to issue the loan and take the repayment on the agreed date.

Note: The only supported repayment method is via direct deposit from the same bank account used during the application process. You cannot write a check or use another method unless you explicitly work this out with the individual lender beforehand.

Can I Get a Loan Without a Bank Account?

No, the lenders in our network require you to have a bank account in your name to obtain a loan and do not have a solution for loans without direct deposit. This keeps the process fast and efficient and helps the lender verify your identity.

If you are a legal US resident over the age of 18, you are entitled to a bank account and it is not difficult to open one with one of many mainstream banks. This can be done online and can be finalized in a day.

If you are still desperate for a loan and don’t have a bank account, some banks and lenders may be of help, however, our lenders require at least a basic checking account to use the online service.

Can You Get a Loan with a Debit Card?

Some lenders provide payday loans in the form of a prepaid debit card that comes pre-loaded with the funds and can be used like a regular Mastercard or Visa for making purchases in-store or online. The card can be re-loaded in the future if you require another loan.

Whether this option is available to you depends on the individual lender and you should consult their terms and conditions if connected with them.

What is the Difference Between a Payday Loan and a Deposit Advance?

A payday loan is a short-term loan provided online by a payday lender. An agreement is signed, the loan deposited into the borrower’s designated bank account and the lender attempts to take the repayment in full on an agreed date (usually no later than 30 days). This is done in one lump sum.

While a deposit advance is similar to a payday loan, in that it is a short-term agreement usually with small sums of money, they are a product issued exclusively by banks or credit unions instead of payday lenders.

Instead of requesting the repayment on a specific date, the bank or credit union will automatically debit repayments at any point when the borrower’s bank account is in credit.

So, if the customer borrows $200 and 5 days later they get paid $30, the creditor will take that $30 and any subsequent money until the loan is repaid. If after a fixed amount of time the full loan hasn’t been repaid, they will attempt to collect the rest in one lump sum.

Because of this, payday loans give you a bit more breathing room and freedom before the repayment date.

The lenders in our network only provide direct deposit loans in payday format. Deposit advances are not available.

Are There Direct Deposit Loans for Unemployed People?

A key requirement to be eligible for a direct deposit loan is that you have verifiable income of at least $1,000 per month. This assures the lender that you have the means to pay back the loan.

Ideally, this income would come from some form of stable employment or self-employment, though there are circumstances where the unemployed might also be accepted for a payday loan.

For example, you may be out of work but receiving a regular income protection insurance payment. Or, if you are retired you could be getting a pension of more than $1,000, which is much the same as income.

Lenders also reserve the right to accept applicants receiving government benefits (disability etc), as long as their total income meets $1,000.

If you are unemployed with no income source, your application may be rejected.

Are Your Lenders Direct Lenders?

Yes, if you are connected with a lender via our fast 3-minute loan request tool, you will then be dealing directly with the lender—no middlemen.

All you have to do is complete their online application and if you accept the offer, you can digitally sign the agreement then and there. Your agreement is direct with the lender and you can contact them at any time if you have any queries.

The benefit of our service is that you do not have to waste time applying with individual lenders one by one. Instead, we pass your details through our large network and aim to connect you with at least one direct lender.

What Do You Need to Apply for a Payday Loan?

If you can meet the following basic requirements, you are eligible to use our loan request tool and apply for a payday loan with a lender:

– Be at least 18 years old, as our partners cannot lend to minors;

– Be a legal resident of the United States with a fixed address and contact details;

– Earn a stable and verifiable income of at least $1,000 a month;

– Have your financial and employment details on hand;

– Own a bank account in your name that accepts direct deposits.

Are you eligible? If so, you can apply right now!

What Are the Features and Terms of My Loan?

All loans found via our service are payday loans which are required to be repaid in full, along with the finance charge on the agreed date. However, individual features and terms offered may vary from lender to lender.

Because we are not the lender and don’t make any lending decisions, this info, including the interest rate can only be presented to you by the lender. However, interest is usually determined by how much you borrow, your credit score, and the lender’s assessment of your application.

All lenders by law must provide a full copy of the loan terms prior to you signing the contract, so you will know exactly how much you’ll owe, the interest rate, and the date of repayment if they make you an offer.

You are free to walk away at any time prior to signing the agreement with no obligation.

The payday lenders in our network are licensed within the United States and subject to federal and state regulations. Depending on the state you live in, the amount the amount that can be charged in interest and whether you can extend or renew a loan may vary.

What if I Cannot Repay My Loan?

If you cannot repay a loan on the agreed date you should contact the lender right away to discuss your options.

Even though it is very easy to get a payday loan online, it is still an important financial obligation and failing to repay will have repercussions. This might include added fees and interest, collection calls, and a negative impact on your credit rating making it harder to obtain loans in the future.

Lenders will do their best to determine whether you are suitable for a payday loan, but you are also responsible for informing yourself about how they work and whether you can truly afford it.

The Benefits of Using Our Direct Deposit Loan Request Service

Reach over 100 licensed payday lenders with just one simple online form.

Know if you have been connected to a lender in as fast as 3 minutes!

Complete the application online with no faxing required if you have digital copies of statements and documents to attach.

We partner with direct lenders only, so you will always know who your loan is with and who you should contact.

Rest assured that your personal data is never passed on or sold to third parties outside of the lender network and all parties involved use the latest encryption technology.

Get cash directly deposited into your bank account within one working day—perfect if you’re in a financial emergency.

Even those with bad credit are not automatically barred from applying for a payday loan, and as long as you ear over $1,000 a month your application will be fairly assessed!

Your Lifeline

Whether you need cash to pay unforeseen bills, get all the groceries you need, or anything in between—direct deposit payday loans are an important lifeline for those that don’t have other options.

The application process is fast and easy and almost everyone is eligible!

So, what are you waiting for? Request a loan today and you could be connected to a lender in minutes!